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Welcome. What seen in Krasnodar region?_logo
15:14, 20.10.2016

Hello, dear friends. 

I'm sorry for the mistakes. I am a citizen of Russia and the carrier of the Russian language. My name is George jr. Frolov.

I am a programmer, and on my website about the Krasnodar region begins to lead a column for the English-speaking visitors to the Krasnodar Territory. I live in city near Sochi of russia

Our region has many interesting sights. Krasnodar region - the warmest region of Russia. Among the residents of our great country Krasnodar region a popular tourist destination for a beach holiday.
In winter, the temperature in Krasnodar region is 0 to +10 degrees Celsius.
Summer temperatures in Krasnodar held in the area from +30 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Krasnodar region attracts foreign tourists by:
Kuban Cossacks,
The ancient architecture of Krasnodar city (Krasnodar central part called Little Paris)
The beaches of the two seas (Black and Azov Sea)
Ski resorts at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, 
Thermal and mineral springs.

The excellent combination of natural beauty, the snow on the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea beaches, waterfalls, fast mountain rivers, agricultural fields and orchards, forests and nature reserves make the Krasnodar region a better place to live and holiday in Russia.

On the website you will find the best places to relax in the Krasnodar region, where it is better to go in the winter, where better to relax in the Krasnodar Territory in the summer, as a better, faster, cheaper access to scenic spots edge, as seen best in Krasnodar architecture, how much rest in Krasnodar, how to find a hotel, hostel, private house for rent in Krasnodar Krai and more.

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Krasnodar region in the minds of many Russians associate with the holiday by the sea. As soon as the beach season, millions of people in Russia collect your bags and stormed the Russian Railways, and airports, to 1-2 weeks to escape to the southern coast of the country. The most popular resorts of Krasnodar region are Gelendzhik, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Adler, Anapa, Tuapse, Hot Key, Eisk, and others. The annual influx of tourists in these cities is several million people.

Krasnodar region is a fertile land, where Sunny beaches and snow-white pebbles, seagulls soar where the ocean takes its blueness to the sky, where the splendor of the mountain range is mesmerizing, and the fruits are striking in their ripeness and juicy flavors. There are numerous rest homes and sanatoriums on the black sea coast welcome guests. But one thing is the phrase "Black sea holiday" the heart of an average Russian citizen makes beat faster.

The Mediterranean climate of Krasnodar region in conjunction with the warm waters of the seas, unique mineral springs and natural healing mud deposits create all necessary conditions for development of Spa tourism destinations in the region. The air of the Krasnodar region is considered the most eco-friendly compared to other resorts of Russia. The tourism area is developing not only in the field of rehabilitation and recreation. The income from visiting Krasnodar land travellers account for the lion's share of the budget of the Russian region that includes 2 sea sea of Azov and the Black, as well as mountain and steppe areas of southern Russia. The region ranks among the southern Federal district. And the cottage of the Krasnodar region is not only a sea coast, it is even the mountain peaks with permanent glaciers, large forests, mountain rivers, endless steppe and mysterious caves.

In the Krasnodar region attracts lovers of new and bright impressions, unforgettable and exciting adventure. In area perfectly developed all kind of tourist business cultural, Maritime, water, mining and sports. The favorable climate of this corner of the country is represented by several landscapes: plains, foothills and mountainous regions, Primorye. Natural potential of all these areas is extremely high, due to comfortable temperatures most of the year.

Fans of eco-tourism visit natural monuments of the region of Krasnodar - Gelendzhik pitsundskaya pine forest, the yew-boxwood grove in Khosta, arboreta, Agura waterfalls, the Eagle rocks, Riviera Park, the Dolphinarium, Vorontsovskaya cave, mount Akhun and many others. Especially popular is the Caucasus state biosphere reserve, which is part of the international network of biosphere reserves. In this area on the mountain, dense pine thickets, and in dozens of mountain peaks North-West of the greater Caucasus are covered with snow, which never melts.

For the Krasnodar territory had been known as the cradle of the oldest civilizations, stretching back several thousand years. The age of some of the dolmens reaches 5 000 years, discovered ancient settlements, burial mounds and ancient Greek colonial ruins.

Many recreation centers of Krasnodar Krai, there are racecourses, are grown clever and graceful animals, without which in the mountainous areas of the region it is difficult to exist. Equestrian trails – a great vacation, and the pleasure people get from walking on horseback at any time of the year. Experienced instructors will accompany the traveler in a specially organized route, for example, on the slopes of the Caucasus mountains. Along the way you can enjoy the pristine beauty of Mother nature, to enjoy the magnificent scenery with old trees fall garlands of vines, icy spring in the forest among the few mountain flowers, mountain lakes with clear water and a visit to the ancient shrines. Time seemed to stop in these places, forcing us to plunge into another world. A world in which there is an unusual and sometimes unique flora and fauna, unique culture of the ancient peoples, taste national dishes. An interesting tour awaits tourists on the farm, where besides visiting the Hippodrome fighters and Champions horse shows you will hear fascinating stories about the development of Arabian horse breeding. In addition to relaxing excursions, tourists from Krasnodar land will provide extreme travel on jeeps through the channels lush mountain rivers or breathtaking trip on the quads.

Generally active kinds of rest in Krasnodar Krai weight. It's mountain climbing, and rafting on mountain rivers, and canyoning with caving. Canyoning is a descent down the canyon. If applied climbing gear, canyoneering is the technical name. If no special clothing is not required, it's a form of canyoning. Caucasian mountain canyons – unique natural sites and Hiking on them is very interesting and exciting. The tourists perform the races rock water slides, jumping straight from the waterfalls into the deep tubs, walk down to the cascades waterfall. Under the covers various caving trips in caves. Underground, there are even lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Huge rooms, where to set the ceiling impossible to reach the beam of light, delight absolutely everyone. In the caves become relevant concepts to "hear the silence" and "see the darkness". Caves scare some, but attracts absolutely everyone. Many tourists prefer the movement on mountain trails is not down and to the top. Modern climbing has been addressed by many travellers, routes for them are selected based on the level of preparedness and minimize risk. Climbing on rocks is the opportunity of obtaining healthy exercise, unusual experiences and thrills. The rooms in many recreation centers of Krasnodar Krai included tours in the mountains with an experienced instructor who will talk in detail about climbing and will teach the art of moving on vertical and inclined surfaces.

The resorts of Krasnodar region offer active marine entertainment. Many bases of rest of Krasnodar region, located on the beach, entertaining tourists riding Banana boat rides, water skiing, "Tortilla", Wake-Board, catamaran sailing, boat, water scooters. Interesting activities on the water are flying behind a boat on a parachute, sailing, Windsurfing, diving and other entertainment services. Sochi surroundings can be explored in interesting jeeping tours. Travelers also often choose to visit Sochi national Park. Furthermore, you can just leave the city and in the mountains to have a picnic with barbeque. Visit lake Ritsa in Abkhazia is a common excursion for many recreation centers.

In addition to active and passive recreation sea coast of Krasnodar territory invites everyone to the improvement of the body in numerous health spas and resorts. In medical-prophylactic institutions of the region can be come a family with small children. Wellness orientation have many bases of rest of Krasnodar territory: Anapa, for example, is balneological sea resort. Sandy beach and shallow sea are perfect for children's rehabilitation and recreation. Anapa opens the door not only young but also adult travelers. The city has a well-developed modern infrastructure. The surrounding area of Anapa, for they are very natural kinds – plain, rocky coastline, pebble beaches, sand dunes, mud hills, areas of relict juniper.

The mountain is a great place for skiing! The ski resorts of Krasnodar region – a popular place for lovers of this winter sport. The tourist center in Krasnaya Polyana and Lagonaki plateau are open year round. In the summer here, amid the green slopes of Alpine meadows sparkle and shimmer in the sun the glaciers. Winter camp attracts fans of winter sports. In Krasnaya Polyana well-equipped slopes, modern lifts, ski slopes in addition have the opportunity to ride on the rings and snowboarding. Offer a hang gliding and other entertainment.

Lovers of fishing are well aware of Krasnodar region. The largest river in the region is the Kuban, which flows into the Azov sea. The water system includes numerous large and small rivers, Black and Azov seas. Fishing in the Krasnodar region developed and implemented in various ways. Marine trophies are: bream, perch, roach. In rivers you can easily get catfish or pike, and a fairly large size. Estuaries and marshes are the habitat of carp, roach and carp. The tumultuous rapids of the mountain rivers are rich in trout, which prefers only the crystal clear water. A wide range of fish in the region is the key to successful fishing, which will delight both professionals, and beginning fishermen.

Rich fauna of the Krasnodar region attracts many lovers of hunting. Western and North-Western region of Krasnodar are marshes and the plain, where are found numerous waterfowl. North-East area of the region is the steppe, where one can often find Fox, hare, badger, goose, pheasant, duck and quail. South-Eastern, southern and South-Western mountain Krasnodar area, which is home to a large wild animal of the cloven-hoofed breed. Hunting, like fishing in the Krasnodar region is always interesting and gambling.

Sochi is a major cultural center of Krasnodar region. Here, according to official statistics, comes every year 3-4 million people in Russia. Ride all of them, besides enjoying the Sunny beaches and warm sea, for the new secular experiences. The city attracts many tourists with regular performances of pop stars, film and television, not only domestic but also global scale. Rave elite appreciates such cultural events as the "Summer Cup of KVN" and "Kinotavr". The preconditions for the development of event tourism at the city of Sochi is simply stunning.

Trinity Cathedral in Krasnodar (Troizckiy Sobor)
"Sunny Island" Park in Krasnodar (Solnechniy Ostrov)
Hot springs SPA in krasnodar region
Guam gorge in Apsheronsk, Krasnodar Region (Guamka)
Camping on black sea, Divnomorsk, Krasnodar region
Old City Center (Small Paris) in Krasnodar

Agura waterfalls Khostinsky district in Krsanodar region
Agricultural tourism in the Krasnodar Territory
Vineyards and wineries in the Krasnodar region
Foothills of the Caucasus. Masty district - solitude paradise
Kozak and horse
The mountains of the Krasnodar Territory.

fruit in Krasnodar Region
Day of city. Labinsk, Krasnodar region
Krasnodar village
Krasnodar city. Nemezkaya derevnya
Basket-Hall in Krasnodar
Our President, Mr. Putin

Hutor Galushkovka, Krasnodar Region
Cossack Girl in Ataman (Krasnodar region)
Hunting in the Kuban
Private farm in Krasnodar territory
Best place to live in Russia - Krasnodar
Krasnodar, Krasnaya street

Road to black Sea (Pass Shaumyan)
Off-road Kuban. Uaz 469 (Hunter)
Fancy riding (Dzhigitovka)
Off-road in the mountains
Cossacks in Taman (Ataman)
Marina Yachts. Anapa



Hey. Ask questions. I will complement this article and write new posts about what you want to know about the rest or living in the Krasnodar region. Your George F.


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